about me

I'm Rene and I enjoy working with all kinds of technology.

I am an HTML Email Developer with expertise in developing  HTML emails using HTML, CSS, media queries, and knowledge of multiple Email Service Providers (ESP) including Salesforce Marketing Cloud, MailChimp, and Campaign Monitor.

I'm a sci-fi enthusiast with an insatiable love for the cosmos and all things otherworldly. When I'm not savoring a for pizza—there's just something magical about the perfect pie—you'll most likely find me exploring classic and modern sci-fi films. Nature is my sanctuary, and I relish in the serenity of the outdoors. I'm also an avid car enthusiast, finding joy in the sleek and boxy lines and roaring engines of automobiles. My fascination with technology and a deep-seated nostalgia for the '90s drive my curiosity and creativity. You might say I have a soft spot for those translucent plastic housings that once housed the gadgets of yesteryears; they just look so undeniably cool. Join me on this journey where I blend my love for the future and the past, where sci-fi meets nostalgia, and where we explore the fascinating intersection of nature, technology, and the world of cars. It's a cosmic adventure through space and time, served with a side of the best pizza recommendations.

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