My Journey with Salesforce: Getting Started
In this blog post, email developer Rene shares their journey through a Salesforce course. Despite some challenges, Rene found the vast array of tools and features within the platform fascinating. By taking screenshots and documenting their progress, Rene gained a basic understanding of the platform and encourages others to push themselves to learn new skills. If you're considering taking a Salesforce course, read on for some valuable insights and inspiration.
Email Developer
As an email developer, my main responsibility is to create
Soft Skills
"Learn about the benefits of completing a soft skills mastery course, including gaining a better understanding of the ladder of inference, improving public speaking skills, and enhancing the ability to listen and understand others in conversation."
Photo Editing
I edited a image with Photopea.
I got to use photoshop for a week and it was as good as other tools. I Enjoyed it and look forward to working more with it on future projects if the need for it is there.
Klaviyo is a great tool for eCommerace and I am very glad to say that I have received their certification for the Product Certification.
PHP and Laravel
I have these courses waiting for me, very exciting.
A Email Project
Email Frame Works and extensions help.
Tools I Use
As I continue to learn and discover new tools online, like Photopea and many other tools that help with projects. It is great to have knowledge of these resources and be very thankful.
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