Navigating August’s Waning Heat: A Collaborative Perspective
**Excerpt:** August arrives, a tempered sequel to scorching July. Collaboration weaves insights into the easing warmth and changing season.
July 2023
It has been very hot this summer so far.
My Journey with Salesforce: Getting Started
In this blog post, email developer Rene shares their journey through a Salesforce course. Despite some challenges, Rene found the vast array of tools and features within the platform fascinating. By taking screenshots and documenting their progress, Rene gained a basic understanding of the platform and encourages others to push themselves to learn new skills. If you're considering taking a Salesforce course, read on for some valuable insights and inspiration.
Email Developer
As an email developer, my main responsibility is to create
Soft Skills
"Learn about the benefits of completing a soft skills mastery course, including gaining a better understanding of the ladder of inference, improving public speaking skills, and enhancing the ability to listen and understand others in conversation."
Photo Editing
I edited a image with Photopea.
I got to use photoshop for a week and it was as good as other tools. I Enjoyed it and look forward to working more with it on future projects if the need for it is there.
Klaviyo is a great tool for eCommerace and I am very glad to say that I have received their certification for the Product Certification.
PHP and Laravel
I have these courses waiting for me, very exciting.
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