My HubSpot experience

Well I used Hubspot and it definitely has a lot of familiar tools that I have come to recognize in modern CMS.

I enjoyed the 14-day free trial and got to test out different layouts and settings. Things like drag and drop made it easy to construct and edit content as needed. HubSpot Has reminders for things like having the correct slug for the page.

There are plenty of resources to help troubleshoot any problems I had, a simple search on the web helped me find a solution such as how to properly embed video clips.

The system HubSpot has is really helpful for small to large businesses to keep their content properly curated on the web.

HubSpot Blog Clone

I was able to quickly recreate a blog post from the internet with HubSpot. I just wanted to get a feel of how it performs and It was very enjoyable. I was able to add rich text and images as well as a Header tag and page slug.