SSL certificates and Low Effort post
Low Effort Post and SSL

Okay hello, I will first talk about a tweet from @samjulien which gives a quick TIL on how to build the habit of posting and I though id like to share and also typing it up will also help me remember it more.

Intro: Context for problem (1-2s sentences)

Problem: What was the issue ? (2-3 sentences)

Solution: What worked ? (2-3 sentences)

Final code: easy for others to copy and paste.

Publish !

Okay so this is his tweet pretty much. I like the format so I will be using it for a few to a bunch of post. I know my next part here is about my experience with my SSL and really about coding, but its kinda of related. So here I go.

Intro: I could not get my SSL certification installed properly on my website that I am running, even this one

Problem: I would follow the steps that it showed in the videos and on the FAQ pages, but there was some different terms used like Name and Record and Host and Target. They are the same thing but when transferring one to the other they did not explain this part and I would get an error message.

Solution: Well I reached out to my host provider and I explained the issue I was having. I got to chatting with a live person and they walked me through the steps I had to take. It was very simple once I got pointed toward the right direction and the issue of names was explained to me. I did not see this though anywhere in the video tutorials or the FAQ, so maybe they will add it for people in the future. Name is Host and Record is Target.

Final Code: Well for this there is no final code only to remember The 'Name' and the 'Record' parameters need to be found in the certificate details page. These parameters are named 'Host' and 'Target' correspondingly. When inputting the NAME (which is HOST) make sure to leave out the